At all times, I hear music in my head that I'd like to write. I went to a studio to record for my first time 15 years ago. Now, I'm lucky enough to be able to use the unrelenting range of songs running through my head to write music and sound for games, live performances, escapes, and films. 

I am at every game jam I can possibly get myself to. I'm that one dev with the I WANT 2 MAKE MUSIC 4 UR GAME sign and in 2018 the Finnish Game Jam organization honored me with the Jamtivist Award. I love to make music for any genre of game. I imagine the game world and how it feels and the songs come to me. And working in games has opened the door for me into the world of sound design and foley artistry that I find fascinating. (You know when you hear a tiger growl just before Leeloo breaks out of the glass at the beginning of The Fifth Element? That was someone's design!) Working in games has even awakened my latent career as a voice actor that started with me doing impersonations for my parents when I was a little kid. Then as now, I found it super fun to imagine the personalities of animated characters and bring them to life through voice.

Audio is not the key way in which everyone experiences the world, but for me it is the filter through which I understand everything and express myself. I am in love with audio production and I want to make music for your game. Contact me here.


Music Samplers



This sound reel was specifically made for the horror studio Frictional Games, but I liked it, so now it’s my main one. Enjoy <3



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Contact me to see my availability to perform at your event as Meduusa.